Cambio de password de Administrador por RDP de un Window Server 2012 RD

Changing a server’s root or Administrator password

How Do I change my server’s root and admin passwords?

Your server operating system will have a main user that has access to all administrative functions on the server. These passwords can be changed at any time. Depending on the operating system, the process is slightly different.

Step 1

Use Remote desktop to log into your server with the username of Administrator and your Administrator Operating System Password.


Step 2

Once you are connected to your server and logged in as Administrator, click [Control]+[Alt]+[End] on your keyboard to open your security pop up box.

Step 3

Click the button marked Change Password.

Change Password

Step 4

Enter your current password, then enter and confirm your new password in the text boxes provided.

Click on the arrow button to confirm the change.

New Password

Step 5